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Building Permits for Commercial Projects

Any commercial construction can’t commence without the provision of several permits, and failure to acquire them can lead to hefty fines and the potential demolition of any work that has already been done.

Some primary aspects you should consider when dealing with commercial building permits include:

Integrate the Cost into the Budget

It’s essential to factor commercial permits into the overall budget to ensure they don’t catch you off guard. A building permit on average can cost between $150 and $2000. There are also additional permits needed, including electrical, plumbing, garage building, and construction.

Know what you Need

As mentioned earlier, there are several permits required when working on a commercial building project. Elements such as the type of building and regulations involved will determine what kind of permits you’ll need. Your contractor should know the particular applications needed with your construction. 

Have a Contractor Handle the Application

An established commercial contractor offers several services, including applying for all the necessary permits needed on behalf of their client. This is recommendable as they’re already familiar with all related requirements and can have the application completed in a shorter time frame. For high-quality commercial construction services, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.…

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What to Consider with Commercial Constructions

There are major differences between residential/domestic and commercial construction projects. Commercial buildings feature a wide range of requirements as their erection can have an impact on the overall public. 

Some elements to consider when embarking on a commercial building project include:


The materials you choose determine significant aspects such as the budget, quality, and time frame involved. If you’re looking for high-quality, lasting results, for instance, hiring a Metal Construction Company is an effective means of achieving such an objective. Some materials options are also governed by the local building authority in a region.

Zoning Aspects

You’ll need to choose a location that’s zoned for commercial development to embark on your building project. The kind of business you have in mind will determine suitable attributes for your perfect location. Retail and service-oriented businesses, for example, should opt for an area with a lot of foot traffic to attract potential clientele.

Financing Options

Few individual investors can afford to erect a commercial building without accessing additional funds. Several options are available to individuals looking for commercial bank loans, while some real estate holding companies offer these services for developers. For the best commercial construction services in town, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.…

Remodeling your Office Breakroom

Billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Branson, firmly believes that ensuring your workforce is happy will reflect on customer experience. An effective way of keeping your employees happy is by providing a comfortable breakroom.

Some aspects you should consider when hiring a Commercial Construction Company to remodel your office break room include:

Integrate Clear Partitions

Dividing the room into clearly designated spaces is a good way to instill a sense of order and avoid congested foot traffic. You can use the different corners of the room to delegate sections such as a mini-kitchen, relaxation space, and snack machine. This ensures individuals don’t keep bumping into each other as they move around.

Provide Several Power Outlets

Another element many people don’t consider is the need for multiple outlets. Employees usually have several devices that require a power source. Many offices experience situations where only 3 or 4 outlets are shared between 10 to 20 people. Such considerations show workers that the company cares about their needs.

Enhance Natural Lighting

Placing the break room in a corner of your building can allow you to install sizable windows on several sides. Natural light automatically boosts the ambiance of a room, encouraging a calm atmosphere. If you’re looking for effective ways to revamp your office break room, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.…

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Finding the Right Commercial Contractor

The first thing to consider when initiating a commercial building project is hiring the right contractor for your needs. Finding a suitable candidate can be a tricky subject. The contractor you choose will determine the success of your venture.

Some elements you should consider when seeking a suitable commercial Idaho Falls Contractor include:

Consider their Safety Record

Erecting a commercial building is dangerous work with numerous hazards present on the site. You could be potentially liable for injuries and accidents if your contractor isn’t valiant about maintaining safety levels. It’s essential to check a candidate’s previous safety record to ensure you don’t face such liabilities.

Permitting Knowledge and Experience

Your contractor should have adequate experience with permits and building code regulations. Commercial projects can be mired in red tape if a single oversight happens in this sector, potentially delaying the whole project until the matter can be resolved. This can represent a significant strain on the project’s budget.

Request a Formal Estimate

The potential budget involved is a crucial element of a commercial project. You should always ask candidates for an official estimate to determine whether it’s compatible with your finances. For affordable, quality commercial building services, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.…

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Hiring an Architect for your Commercial Design

Constructing a commercial building represents a significant investment and requires careful planning and consideration. One resource you can’t do without when undertaking such a venture is a professional architect. 

Some elements you should consider when seeking architectural services from an Idaho Falls General Contractor include:

Asking the Right Questions

You should develop queries that deal directly with your project. Asking about their experience and qualifications is all well and good, but inquiring whether they have the resources to complete your project without hiring extra hands or equipment can give you an idea of how capable they are of meeting your needs.

Contact Previous Clients

Finding the right partner for your construction project isn’t something to be taken lightly. Taking a candidate’s word for it when looking at their previous work might not be enough to give you the whole picture. Contacting their recent clients can give you a firsthand account of what to expect.

Seek an Option with Multiple Architectural Services

Finding a firm that offers several architectural services enhances your chance of finding the most appropriate package for your needs. Building Information Modeling (BIM), for instance, offers 3D design services for your construction. For reliable commercial construction services, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.…

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