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Common Mistakes with Metal Buildings

Multiple investors in the construction industry have started to recognize the value of steel as their primary building material. First-timers are prone to commit some errors through omissions, oversight, and amateur blunders.

Some common mistakes an inexperienced Idaho Falls Contractor might make when working on metal buildings include:

Improper Leveling of the Foundation

Concrete offers the best solution in this sector and is mandatory in the building codes of some municipalities. Some other options available for building a foundation for smaller buildings include wood, gravel, asphalt, or plain dirt. It’s also essential to ensure any concrete slab foundation is given the proper time to cure.

Failure to Secure Prior Approval

It’s essential to acquire approval from all relevant authorities before commencing the venture. Planning for those permits ahead of time ensures that you don’t suffer delays when materials are on-site. Different localities will have varying building codes, so always request a current copy of the codes in any new area.

Choosing a Suitable Alternative

304 and 316 grades are the most popular options available with stainless steel. Aluminum and titanium are great alternatives when looking to elevate quality but are significantly more expensive than steel. For the best quality metal construction projects, call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.

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