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Stages of a Commercial Construction

The housing boom experienced by the US market in 2019 generated a lot of investment interest that has not entirely died down after the pandemic. If you’re considering an investment in this sector, some of the key stages of any commercial construction include:

Development and Design (Preconstruction)

It’s essential to carefully plan your project, highlighting the primary objectives expected with results. Going through your design plans with a professional Idaho Falls General Contractor ensures that you develop practical objectives that can be accomplished within your budget, and are in line with the building codes in your area.

Building and Logistics (Construction)

This involves the actual erection of your structure and is arguably the most chaotic phase of all 3 stages. You’ll need to acquire several permits before you begin, including electrical, building, and plumbing licenses. The primary steps of this stage include preparing the site, laying the foundation, raising the structural framework, and installing amenities.

Inspection and Approval (Postconstruction)

The final stage will involve a final walkthrough to identify any minor flaws. You will then receive a substantial completion certificate, and your local building authority can conduct a final inspection. We offer high-quality contracting services at affordable rates, so call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.

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