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Turning Residential Property into a Commercial Building

Contrary to popular belief, converting a domestic space into a place of business isn’t as straightforward as some people might think.

Some of the major aspects involved when having a Commercial Construction Company transform your private residence into a business space include:

Changing the Zoning

The zoning of your property determines what can and can’t be built on it. In most cases, residential zones don’t allow business practices in the vicinity. To change this you’ll need to attend zoning meetings and advocate for the change to members of the community, who will vote on the final decision.

Hiring a Lawyer

Dealing with zoning laws and building codes can be complicated with no experience. Hiring a lawyer that specializes in that area of legislation can greatly ease the process. These solicitors carry out several tasks on your behalf, including acquiring the land description details and filing the necessary paperwork.

Hire an Established Contractor

Hiring an established contractor is crucial to the success of the construction. It’s important to remember that residential and commercial buildings have different regulations governing their structures. Hiring someone familiar with what’s needed can help you avoid hefty fines and demolitions, so call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.

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