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Types of Commercial Buildings

If you have no architectural experience, you might be surprised to find out that commercial buildings are officially classified according to several categories. Apart from the obvious elements such as shape, size, and dimension, aspects like purpose and functionality also play a significant role in categorizing each construction.

It should be noted that there’s a difference between commercial buildings and commercial property. Whereas the former is situated in a location where business takes place, the latter simply represents real estate that provides a source of income – and can include domestic property or any other structure for rent.

Types of Commercial Buildings

The primary commercial buildings you can hire an Idaho Falls General Contractor to build include:

Manufacturing sites – These include all spaces utilized in the production of goods for sale.

Office buildings – As the name suggests, these are areas designed to provide a suitable workplace for organizations.

Service-Oriented Buildings – These can include restaurants, hotels, spas, and other establishments dedicated to the provision of a particular service. 

Each building will have its own requirements in terms of regulations, permits, or construction. Hiring an established contractor enhances your chances of success, so call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.

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