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What to Consider when Remodeling a Commercial Building

Remodeling a commercial building involves a significant investment, as well as the consideration of several elements related to structural regulations and guidelines. 

Some major aspects involved when working on a remodeling project with any Commercial Construction Company include:

Certificate of Occupancy

Your particular certificate of occupancy will determine the kind of work you can have done on the space involved. Converting the building into a retail space, for example, would prove impossible if the certificate states that the structure can only be used as office space. As such, you’ll have to change the certificate before getting any work done.

Historic Sites

If your building has been classified as a heritage site, it’s likely to be protected by laws that prevent owners from making any changes to the construction. In most cases, you’ll be prohibited from making any exterior changes, but some codes might prevent any structural changes, whether inside or out.

Permit Application

Depending on the particular changes you plan to implement, you’ll need to apply for several permits. Anything dealing with aspects related to plumbing, electricity, or major construction, for example, will require permits. Established contractors will apply for these permits on your behalf, so call us today! Apollo Construction Company Inc, your top-rated commercial contractor.

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